Saturday, 18 July 2015

Monsoon Therapy In Kerala

Ayurveda considers Malayalam month "karkidaka" as a important month for taking treatments. Because human body in this month will have low immune power so there is a very high chance for diseases. Ayurveda selects "karkidaka" for rejuvenation treatments. Lots of foreign tourists are coming to India for the rejuvenation treatments of Ayurveda. Following are the methods of rejuvenation treatments

Abhyanga : Head and body is gently massaged with medicated oils in this treatments. It will help to increase the blood flow through the body

Dhaara : Medicated milk or oils are dripped to forehead in dhaara treatment. Its is an effective treatment for sleeplessness, head ache

Navarakizhi : The rice variety “Navra” which has great nutritional value, is cooked with milk and a herbal decoction made of a herb called ‘Kurunthotti’. The mixture so produced is put in puffy muslin bags which are then used to pound the body. This is an effective treatment for back pain and arthritis

Pizhichil : Medicated oils are boiled at a fixed temperature and it is used to massage all over the body

this treatment is used to strengthen veins

Panchakarma : pacnchakarma is ayurvedic treatment which is used remove toxins from our body. The treatment have 5 steps they are vamanam,virechanam,nasyam,kashayavasthi,snehavasthi

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