Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Ayurveda Treats Anal Fissure In The Right Dimension

Any of the medical conditions that you need to get treated are nothing to be ashamed of. Anal Fistula is a common medical condition that causes intense pain, swelling and redness around your anus. Have you been through these symptoms? If yes, it is high time you get the treatment for the same and relieve from the pain that you have been through for the past time.

ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula in kerala

The various glands and present inside the anus might get clogged or blocked due to any of the infections giving rise to bacteria build up. This infection can actually cause tunnels to form from inside of the anus to skin surface around the anus. This can lead to bleeding, painful bowel movements, fever or a fowl - smelling discharge. While there are various treatments and solutions for anal fistula, Ayurveda provides the best and complete effective treatment. Vaidya Ayurveda Hospital has been successful in diagnosing the condition at the most premature stage helping a complete cure with no signs of reoccurrence.

Ayurveda uses the concept of balancing the doshas to maintain the balance of the health. Kshara karma and Kshara soothram are the treatment methods that we, at Vaidya Ayurveda hospital makes use of to get the best and effective results. The procedure is done after providing the anaesthesia to help the patient with the pain and irritation. After that, a seton thread is inserted to the external opening of the fistula and is entered into the internal anal space. The thread is taken back through the anal opening, forming a loop. The thread is seasoned with a mix of various medicinal herbs. The thread is left in place for around a week and the process may repeat for upto five times. The number of days having the thread in loop and the number of times the process repeating totally depends on the intensity of the infections and depth of the fistula formed. 

ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula in kerala

The process is minimally invasive, safe and effective. Also, kshara sutra and khara karma do not have side effects, making it much easy for faster healing and recovery. We, at Vaidya Ayurvedic Hospital provide the best ayurvedic treatment for anal fistula in Kerala. Book an appointment right now, to get rid of the pain that had been putting you in concern.

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Thursday, 22 November 2018

Panchakarma Treatment: An Ayurvedic Solution To Brighten Up Your Life Force

All of us age. And in this era where there is persistent pollution and chemicals in everything we eat, we don’t age quite well. Our life force is tapped out sooner than it is supposed to be. Ayurveda means the knowledge of life, and it has all the methods to regain the lost vigour in the life. The great maharishis painstakingly coined one of the greatest gifts for life sciences. Panchakarma is one such methods prescribed in ayurvedic texts which provides a holistic development of the human body.

What Is Panchakarma Chikitsa?

Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word which can be translated as ‘five treatments’. In this busy world where you give much less attention to the maintenance of the body, panchakarma chikitsa removes whatever toxicity has accumulated in your body and rejuvenates both body and mind. It provides a new level of vigour and power to you by balancing the tridoshas of the body, namely vata, pitta and kapha. The imbalance of these three are the cause of most of the life style diseases found these days. 

panchakarma treatment in kerala

How Do We Do Panchakarma Treatment?

As the name shows, panchakarma chikitsa comprises five treatments: Vaman, Virechan, Basti, Nasya, Rakthamoshana. But before going into the main treatment, you are given two pre-treatment procedures. They’re oleation and fomentation. Former is an ayurvedic oil massage which loosens up the bounded toxins in your body and the latter makes you sweat profusely to remove those toxins. 

After this you are made to undergo the main treatment.

The first stage of toxins is removed form your body by making you vomit. This is called VAMANA. It sounds odd but is helpful in treating asthma and obesity. 
The second stage VIRECHAN helps to remove toxins through bowels. A herbal laxative is given to you to reduce conditions like herpes zoster, jaundice, celiac disease.

BASTI is the third stage which involves administering medicated substances such as herbal decoction, oils, milk or ghee into your rectum to cleanse it. You may never heard of such a procedure as it is unique to Ayurveda.

The next stage called NASYA clears the problems related to head and shoulders. A light massage to your head and neck is given and medicinal drops are administered to your nose. This clears your head and neck related issues like headache, hair issues, sleep disorder, neurological disorders, respiratory ailments. 

panchakarma treatment in kerala
The last stage is RAKTHAMOSHANA which is the cleansing of the blood and it cures problems related to impure blood. It cures various skin diseases and also can be done to a particular part which needs cleansing.

By undergoing these treatments you can be a better transformed person as it soothes both your body and mind. At Vaidya Health Care Hospital, the treatments are carefully tailored so as to balance the elements in your body perfectly. The experienced vaidyas here will provide you the best panchakarma treatment in Kerala and the best Ayurvedic massage in Kochi. They will make you feel awesome and all you have to do is to lay back and relax.

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Stroke Rehabilitation: The Ayurvedic Way

Stroke is defined as a sudden death of brain cells because of lack of oxygen. It happens when the blood flowing from the artery to the brain gets ruptured or blocked. Paralysis, loss of speech and sudden weakness are some common symptoms for stroke. After a stroke, the chances of permanent disability is quite high. But if proper medical assistance is given, the patients can recover from physical disability or paralysis. In the Ayurvedic treatment for stroke, preventions for reducing blood pressure & diabetes are applied.

Stroke disabilities that can be treated with Ayurvedic therapy

    • Problems regarding understanding the language and speech problem.
    • Paralysis and disability to move flexibly.
    • Sensory disturbance.
    • Emotional disturbance and thinking power.

Ayurvedic treatment for stroke in Kerala

Stroke in Ayurvedic terms

In the Ayurvedic world, stroke is known as Pakshaghata which is caused due to the vitiation of Vata dosha. Vata dosha controls the sensory activities of the body. Through the traditional Ayurveda medicines, the internal blood flow is boosted & the brain cells get rejuvenated as the anti-oxidants increase the flow of oxygen to the brain. The Panchakarma therapy boosts up the nervous system and reduces muscle spasms. 

Benefits of stroke Rehabilitation in Ayurveda way

    • Re-boost the nervous system and muscle movements.
    • Strengthens muscle tissues.
    • Total improvement of the quality of life.
    • Re-boosts all the lost functions of the body.
    • The treatment has no side effects.

Best Ayurvedic treatment for stroke in Kerala

Vaidya Healthcare is one such destination where you can get Yoga, Physiotherapy, Naturopathy, acupressure, acupuncture and medical Herbalism all under one roof. The Stroke rehabilitation department uses ayurveda drugs like Snehana, Kayaseka, Pindaswedana, Vasti, and Virechana to control the stroke effects in the body. 

Paralysis cure India 

We have a team of professionally experience doctors who have been researching several years on Ayurveda treatments. The treatments and herbs are scientifically proven and they have done wonders for numerous people. Here you will be provided with one of the best treatment for paralysis cure in India. 

To know more about the ayurvedic world, contact us now through our official website and see the difference.

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Thursday, 30 August 2018

Sports Injury Rehabilitation With Varma Chikitsa

Varmam is an ancient martial art form of south India especially from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Varmam is also a metaphysical medical science which is used to cure ailments by therapeutic manipulation of vital life energy points in the human body. It takes several years to specialize in Varma chikitsa, therefore, it is not like any other form of medicine that is mastered over a particular period of time. Varmam is considered to be an advanced form of Kalaripayattu, the ancient martial art form that is still popular in Kerala.  As a therapy, Varma is used to treat multiple ailments and it is especially beneficial in musculoskeletal and neurological deficits.

sports injury treatment in kerala

Varmam Pathology

The varmam text “Varma Vilvisai” mentions about 8000 varma points in the body, Varma Chinthamani explains there are 828 varmam points and Kumbamuni narambarai describes 251 points. However, most of the recent varmam literatures limit varma points to 108. These points are distributed throughout the body through dasa naadis (Urpanasaari-40 Verse 32) and are the reservoirs as well as conductors of subtle pranic energy. Whilst the flow of pranic energy is affected by injury, abnormal physical activity, abnormal food habits stress and strain which in turn disturbs the physiological and metabolic activity of the organ or region concerned resulting in diseases. The flow of pranic energy can be restored by proper therapeutic manipulation of varma points and thereby the physiological and metabolic function of the organ can be reinstated.

Varma point can be stimulated in several ways in which Pathi Kanakku(Pressure) and mathirai kanakku (depth) is very important. Each ways of manipulation has different effects and this can be done by only expert practitioner. In sports medicine, injury management have lot of limitations and Varma chikitsa has its applications in places where many allopathic remedies fail to deliver results. By stimulating the varma points the flow of pranic energy can be restored and thereby stimulating the flow of the bio-energy tracks which is highly useful in Sports injury rehabilitation.

Benefits of Varma chikitsa in sports injuries:

  • Varma chikitsa is non invasive, cost effective, drugless therapy very effective for the management of sports injuries 
  • The therapy  is highly beneficial in neuromuscular problems, neurological weakness and Muscular rejuvenation
  • Varma therapy also is beneficial in spinal problems, neck injuries, migraine headaches, convulsions, arthritis and muscle wasting 
  • Varma therapy alleviates pain in natural ways, strengthens the joints and improves function 
  • Varma chikitsa as well as Agnikarma and Rakthamoksha (panchakarma), when used in combination depending on the nature of the disorder, will be very effective in almost all joint involved cases.
  • The recuperation time is lesser and when properly complied to, gives long lasting results which is ideal for sport persons and even for working persons. 

sports injury treatment in kerala

Vaidya Healthcare Hospital, the popular Ayurveda doctors of Ernakulam is the first of its kind to incorporate Ayurveda, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Varma chikitsa, Naturopathy, Medicinal Herbalism, and Chiropractic & Holistic Medicine for a comprehensive approach towards athletic injury management in Kerala and also for the complete health of the individual. The Kerala tradition of Ayurveda is followed in Vaidya Healthcare to offer a full fledged treatment for sports injury treatment in Kerala and chronic disorders. Vaidya Healthcare hospital offers Varma chikitsa as a first line of treatment for many health problems and Sports injury rehabilitation, saving hard-earned money, utilizing special herbal medicines, requiring little, if any, hospitalization time and above all else, with no side effects.

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Monday, 6 August 2018

Is Osteoarthritis Terribly Putting You Down?

Have you ever heard cracking sounds from your joints whenever you make a movement? Are your muscles weakening day by day causing inflammation and severe pain? Is there loss of sleep and formation of spurs? If yes, kindly realize that you are in the clutches of Osteoarthritis (Sandhivata). Although there is not anything to really worry about, a quick visit to Vaidya Healthcare Hospital for Osteoarthritis cure would turn out to be the best choice. Systematic ayurveda treatment for arthritis in Kerala is not available everywhere but in Vaidya Healthcare Hospital you can get the best osteoarthritis cure, under the flawless attention and care of highly skilled medical professionals.


What is Osteoarthritis?

It is a degenerative joint disease that occurs due to the loss of synovial fluid in the joints which would definitely lead to the destruction of bones, cartilages, ligaments and muscles. In ayurveda terms, this damage happens as a result of vata dosha that absorbs the fluids from almost all parts of the body. Vata could increase in one’s body due to many factors such as excessive sexual intercourse, sitting in inappropriate postures, suppressing natural calls, overeating, stress, anger and lack of rest.


A Few General Causes of Osteoarthritis include

1. Obesity  
2. Bone Deformities
3. Hereditary
4. Joint injuries and bone deformities 
5. Diabetes and rheumatic diseases
6. Excessive joint stress

People with these ailments and physical conditions are more prone to Sandhivata. They are also most likely to witness the given signs and symptoms within their body if there are chances of osteoarthritis.


Signs and Symptoms

1. Loss of flexibility
2. Tenderness, stiffness and swelling on joints
3. Bone spurs
4. Severe pain
5. Insomnia
6. Cracking sensation
7. Spinal stenosis



Not many of us aware of the limitations of modern medicine, if they opt for allopathy for osteoarthritis. Depending upon analgesics, corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory drugs can only handle the symptoms but not joint degeneration. Hence, it is always advised to be up for ayurveda for a better treatment for Sandhivata. The imbalance of vata can cause ama (toxins) to be deposited in the weak joints. Proper arrest of ama through panchakarma treatments is the only way to get a speedy recovery from vata.

How is Panchakarma carried out?

The whole process may range from seven days to one month. The steps are as follows:
  • Abhyanga- Full body massage using herbal oils
  • Janu Basti- A particular medical oil is heated at a certain temperature and put over the affected joint.
  • Lepa- A medicated paste is applied to the affected joint and a bandage is wrapped around it.
  • Sveda- Fomentation by patra/churna pinda sveda.
  • Virechana- Purgation through drugs
  • Basti- Medicated enema therapy with herbal teas, oil and ghee
  • Agnikarma- Heat burn therapy

Apart from panchakarma treatment, a proper diet and use of Maharasnadi kashayam, Dashamoola kashayam,  Ksheera bala taila, Gandha taila,  Narayana taila, Shatavari ksheera paka, Ashwagandha etc are also encouraged.  
Service oriented healthcare experts coupled with excellent infrastructure facilities are awaiting you at Vaidya Healthcare Hospital with the best ayurveda treatment for arthritis in Kerala.
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Friday, 6 July 2018

Are You Willing To Stay Out Of Alcohol?

Consumption of alcohol is highly dangerous but still many of us are addicted to it. There are many legal cases reported in the recent years about the offences committed by individuals due to the strong influence of alcohol.

Hence many de-addiction centers in India are mushrooming to put an end to this menace in no time. Unfortunately, the treatment provided by most of these centers is not up to the mark, and there is not even a slight decrease in the number of alcoholics too. At this scenario, Alcohol De-addiction program of Vaidya Health Care comes to our rescue. The best-in-class services coupled with the efficient personnel of Vaidya Health Care not only helps the addict but also his family and the society. That is why the center has achieved recognition as one of the perfect alcohol de-addiction center in Kerala.


Alcohol Addiction

This is the constant use and unstoppable admiration for alcohol. Consequently, the individual cannot resist himself from consuming alcohol even for a few hours. Most apparently, this kind of a pathetic situation leaves a black mark on him and his relationships with people around him get ruined too. 


Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction

  • Dizziness and craving
  • Self destructive behavior, aggression
  • Anxiety, guilt and loneliness
  • Nausea
  • Delirium
  • Slurred speech and coordination issues


What is De-addiction?

A normal person with addiction issues at the beginning stage can get rid of it through counseling by a medical professional. At the same time, detoxification programme is required for an addict who really is in need of additional assistance.

De-addiction and Ayurveda

Vaidya Health Care helps to bring back the lost equilibrium of the patient due to the addiction. First of all, the healthcare experts of the Vaidya Health Care diagnoses the patient and suggest the better treatment measures focusing on Panchakarma and Rasayana Therapies has to be adopted. This includes:

Abhyanga- In seven different postures, herbal oil massage throughout the body is carried out.

Shirodhara- The oil is poured on the forehead and massaging is done in an oscillating manner.

Pizhichil- Towards the lymphatic system, hot oil is poured and massaged.

Sirolepa- Herbal paste is applied to the head for better relaxation

Apart from these, Takradhara, Choorna Sweda, Nasya, Virechana, Vasti are all made into effect. Panchakarma helps to dispose toxins from the body while Rasayana is for refreshing the body and improving doshas. Personalized yoga such as Asana, Pranayama, Meditation and Counselling are done in order to face health challenges. Complete rehabilitation is ensured through physiotherapy for blood circulation and reducing back pain.

The De-addiction program extends from one month to three months. However, Vaidya Health Care, the eminent Ayurveda de-addiction center in Kerala assures a full-fledged speedy recovery from alcohol addiction and many other chronic disorders.
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Thursday, 31 May 2018

Ayurveda - A Guaranteed Relief From Crohn's Disease

Crohn's disease cannot be cured completely through western medications. But through proper Ayurveda treatment and diets, the disease can be cured. Here's a brief but detailed study of Crohn's disease.

What is the Ayurvedic perspective of Crohn's disease?

The ayurveda point of view considers a comparison of the Crohn's disease with the Grahani disease. Grahani is an anatomical term used in Ayurveda to describe small intestines. The current lifestyle consists of improper diet, lack of exercise etc. due to which there is a continuous development of metabolic residues. When it comes to Crohn's disease, toxins or Ama(the ayurveda term for toxins) are seen to collects in the gastrointestinal tract. Stress, as well as the food you consume especially heavy food, acts as a trigger for the condition.


What are the symptoms of Crohn’s disease?

  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Fever
  • Pain in the abdomen positioned just above the pubic bone
  • Fibrosis can be caused by the inflammation which starts near the Peyer's patches and then spreading through the walls of the intestine.
  • Narrowing of the intestines
  • Fistula and anal lesions

What are the treatments offered by Ayurveda?

The Ayurveda approach is all about re-balancing your body through proper diet and lifestyle.
  • The food that we consume has an effect on our body which is classified by Gunas in Ayurveda. Guna are the effects that the food has on our body (cold or hot). The food that has gunas that can balance the defects in your body due to Crohn’s disease are food with more liquid content and those with cold and bitter ingredients.
  • Exercises and Herbal mixtures are prescribed for Crohn's disease according to your body type. They will help in controlling the inflammation and detoxifying the body.
  • Cecum massage is another way to treat Crohn's disease.
  • A diet that excludes hot, spicy food which causes irritation in the digestive tract.
  • Cleansing Kitchari to help start a healthy routine
  • Panchakarma therapy

Are you suffering from Crohn's disease? Then do visit Vaidhya Healthcare Hospital for the best treatment for chrohn’s disease in Kerala. They provide authentic Ayurveda treatments and the best grahani chikitsa in Ernakulam.
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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Let Your Kids Grow : Vaidya Health Care Is There Behind To Treat Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy(CP) is the most common childhood disability that affects the body movement, muscle control, coordination, posture, and reflux. Cerebral Palsy usually occurs in kids due to the delay in the first cry after the birth. This results in the deficiency of oxygen affecting the brain growth and activity. Cerebral Palsy can also occur due to the injury, malnutrition, and diseases like pneumonia or jaundice which might have occurred during the conception time. It can have serious impacts on fine motor skills and gross motor skills of the new-born.

We, at Vaidya Health Care, treat the kids with cerebral palsy with intimate care and medications to help your child achieve cognitive skills and socio-behavioral goals. With the aid of Ayurveda, we help your kid understand the world around him/her.

Being the best in Ayurvedic treatment for cerebral palsy in Kerala, we introduce the treatment plan with a fusion of internal medications and medicated Ayurvedic oil therapies for the head and neck. Rookshana and Sidha therapies cleanse the body and help in detoxification of the body. The integrated treatment with physiotherapy, integration sensation etc can help to bring a betterment in the state. We also include intensive Panchakarma therapies as a part of the treatment protocol in order to rejuvenate the damaged brain cells, utilizing the new- concept of neuroplasticity.

Cerebral Palsy as per defined in Ayurveda is a multi-factorial disease condition and truly defined treatment procedure cannot be defined, it fluctuates for each patient based on his/her condition. Ayurveda defines cerebral palsy to be a Vata- Vyadhi and hence, treatments to solve them are encouraged.

We, specialized and the best in brain paralysis in India recommend to provide the treatment at regular intervals of time for over a period of 6 months, can bring in massive changes in the kid in terms of motor skills and cognitive skills, clinically proven. Vaidya Health Care tries to bring happiness to your kid and we assure the same!
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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Ayurvedic Healing For Facial Palsy : Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare

Facial Palsy is the condition of the deterioration of the facial nerve affecting the aesthetic appearance of the face. Facial Palsy causes paralysis of the affected side of the face, bothering the movement of the eye, mouth etc.

Ayurvedic treatment for facial palsy in Ernakulam

Facial palsy can occur due to different reason, 


•    Viral infection like Bell’s palsy
•    Injury causing trauma
•    Stroke causing damage to the facial nerve
•    After effect of certain surgeries- eg: when operating on the parotid gland
•    Genetic syndromes

Ayurveda considers the primary and important reason for Facial palsy or Ardita vata to be the occlusion and vitiation of Vata in the blood vessels corresponding to the facial nerve. Ayurveda also has in itself many of the treatments and remedies for the facial palsy which includes internal medications and external therapies that can bring back the balance of doshas rejuvenating the health of the nerve.

Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare assures to bring in the best of the results possible for the patients worried and troubled due to facial palsy. We take enough care to schedule our treatment plans so as to satisfy each patient. The best treatment for facial palsy in Kerala is provided by Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare.

We, Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare treats facial palsy through a 14-day resident course therapy including Thalam, Shirodhara and nasyam. The treatment also includes podikizhi, sirovasti, Pichu, Ksheeradhoomam ensuring more cleansing action and vata clearing. We also focus on the restoration and rehabilitation therapies to be provided as a part of the treatment. Yoga and meditation sessions will as well be included to enhance recovery.

Ayurvedic treatment for facial palsy in Kerala

Inner medications to be taken are prepared by a combination of different medicinal herbs. They primarily include:
•    Ashwagandha
•    Brahmi
•    Cucurmin
•    Chanderprabha Vati
•    Nirgundi oil

We, Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare tries to bring back the confidence and the strength for you to be in public with the bright, wide smile you’ve ever wanted. Facial Palsy, one of the medical challenges has been solved by the expert panel of the Ayurvedic experts in order to help you to be the real you whom you’ve ever craved for!
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Sunday, 25 March 2018

Put A Full Stop To Curbs & Pain Of Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis affects all joints in the body and causes chronic inflammation. It is an autoimmune disorder. This causes inflammation all over the body. When the body’s tissues attack its own defense system, then it leads to Rheumatoid arthritis. This is a painful condition and after a period of time, it causes a Rheumatoid fever that ultimately affects the cardiac system. Mostly wrists, ankles, knees, and fingers are affected by Rheumatoid Arthritis.

ayurvedic treatment for arthritis in kerala

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms


  • Joint Pain
  • Morning stiffness with Fatigue
  • Parched mouth and eye
  • Itching in the eyes
  • Eye burning and discharge
  • Tingling, burning and numbness sensation
  • Difficulties in sleeping

Ayurveda gives a holistic remedy to Rheumatoid arthritis without any dreadful side effects. Rheumatoid arthritis is compared to “Ama Vata” in Ayurveda. When the condition Ama Vata gets aggravated, Rheumatoid Arthritis turns as the most difficult disease when compared to other diseases. Most of the body joints in feet, ankles, elbow, hands, hip, and low back are inflamed and the conditions turn painful. The pain resembles a scorpion’s sting.

 “Ama Vata” treatment has already been evidently explained in Ayurveda many eras ago. Ayurvedic treatment for arthritis in kerala  includes the following steps.
  • Langhanam (Fasting)
  • Sodhana chikitsa(Purification of the body)
  • Shamana chikitsa(Treatment for subsiding the symptoms)

Rheumatoid arthritis treatment kerala

Langhanam (Fasting) is derived from a word “Lagu’ that means light. The aim of Langhana is to make the body light from heaviness. It is the first step in which the patient is fed with no solid food. The patient may be given with light diets such as green gram soup, rice porridge, and barley soups.
Sodhana chikitsa (Purification of the body) is done through the therapy called “Panchakarma”. Generally, it is performed for a long-term and various procedure is handled based on the patient’s condition.
Shamana chikitsa (Treatment for subsiding the symptoms) is performed by handling effective and tested Ayurvedic formulation such as Choorna, Kashaya, Taila, Vati, Asavarista, and rasoushadi etc., Using such method will help the patients to subside with their symptoms.

Vaidya Health Care is the best Ayurvedic centre who affords Rheumatoid arthritis treatment in Kerala. A team of Ayurvedic professionals treats the Rheumatoid Arthritis condition with their best skills at a feasible cost.
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