Friday, 5 May 2017

Lose Your Weight Through Ayurveda

Obesity is a condition which is characterized by an excess in storage of fat in the human body. When an individual’s calorie intake surpasses the calories burned, it leads to obesity. Increased fat puts an individual at a risk for many dangerous illnesses like heart disease, liver damage, diabetes, arthritis and kidney problems to name a few.

What Are The Symptoms?

  • Excessive sweating with bad odour
  • Increased body fat
  • Fatigue
  • Breathlessness on exertion
  • Lethargy

How Is It Treated?

Obesity is called as Medarog in Ayurveda, which is caused when the kapha is aggravated. Kapha is an Ayurvedic humor that is heavy, dense, slow, dense, wet, dense and cold in nature. It rules all the lubrication & structures in the mind and body apart from controlling the formation and weight of all the seven tissues which are blood, fat, bones, muscles, marrow, nutritive fluids and reproductive tissues.
The Ayurvedic treatment for Medarog begins with the pacification of Kapha Dosha. This is done by eradicating Kapha-aggravating foods. Next, the treatment focuses on cleansing the channels of Medovahi through cleansing herbs so that the excess weight is reduced.


Diet & Lifestyle Advice

  • Avoid food with high carbohydrates.
  • Avoid oily and fried foods.
  • Vegetables like bitter gourd which are bitter in nature, variety of drumsticks should be included in the diet.
  • Refined flour should be replaced with whole-wheat flour and rice should be replaced with brown rice or parboiled rice.
  • Intake of fruits, salads and vegetables should be increased.
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