Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Ayurvedic Treatment For Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is related to movement disorders that can detected in early childhood. Descriptions of cerebral palsy is firstly occurred in the works of Hippocrates in 5th century BCE. Symptoms of Cerebral Palsy includes coordination problems, stiff or weak muscles. There are also problems seen in vision,sensation,speaking and swallowing. Children with cerebral palsy meets difficulty in rolling over, crawl,sit and walk in normal children age. Over the first few years symptoms mat get noticeable. The reason for cerebral Palsy is abnormal development of brain parts or damages that occurred to brain. Risk factors for cerebral palsy includes being a twin, premature birth and certain infections during pregnancy.

Ayurvedic treatment for Cerebral Palsy

In ayurvedic treatment, Symptoms are treated and brain damages are reversed through herbal medications. "Medhya" is a group of herbal medicines which are used to regaining the brain functional capacities and also rejuvenate brain cells. The group of medicines used in Medhya includes Mandukparni, Aswagnadha, Shankupushpi, Shathavari, Haritaki, Brahmi, Suvarna Bhasma, Jyotishmati and Yashtimadhuk. Full body massage with medicated oil are helpful to increase blood flow and special panchakarma therapies like Shirodhara and Shiro-Basthi is helpful for cerebral palsy. However Cerbral Palsy cannot be fully cured by any treatment, But Ayurvedic treatment for cerebral palsy will reduce the disabilities and improve the functioning of affected person.

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Vaidya health care hospital is a ayurvedic treatment center situated in Ernakulam, Kerala. For more than 5 years vaidya health care is providing ayurvedic wellness for various diseases. And vaidya is the first ayurvedic hospital which utilizes the treatments of Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Medicinal Herbalism, Yoga, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic and Holistic Medicine. Vaidya hospital is one of the best ayurvedic centers for cerebral palsy treatments.