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Ayurvedic Treatment for Weight Loss and Obesity Treatment in Kerala

What is Obesity? 
The Obesity problem is prevalent around the world. It is nothing but an excessive accumulation of body fat. While taking more calories through food, sufficient calories are burnt during metabolism and the unspent calories are restored in the body as Fat. Obesity stimulates many critical diseases such as arthritis, liver damage, diabetes, cardiac problems etc.
A sedentary lifestyle is a main factor for obesity. Other than this, genetically hormonal imbalance, environmental and some medications are the root causes of obesity. Though there are bariatric surgeries, fat reduction pills are available, the side effects are worse. When Ayurveda treatment for obesity is considered, the treatment involves with some therapies and herbals to reduce fat and flossy muscles that lead to zero side effect.
Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity in Kerala
How is the Ayurvedic treatment offered for obesity?
Basically, KAPHA is the watery element which makes the body soft, tender, and heavy and carries nutrients. All of the soft organs are formed by Kapha. It is vital for tasting, joint lubrication, and nourishment. The toxins are released when the Kapha level is aggravated in the body. Toxins are getting accumulated in Medovahi Srotas (fat channels) and increase the fat tissues, eventually ends up in obesity. 
Ayurvedic treatment for obesity starts from restricting kapha-aggravating foods. Next, the Medovahi Srotas (fat channels) are cleansed with the help of cleansing herbs. This holistic treatment attracts even foreigners for reducing the body weight.
Vaidya Healthcare Hospital is popular for Ayurvedic Treatment for Obesity, Kerala. We provide treatments for all ailments with alternative therapies for the needy patients. Individual Patient-care, naturalistic ambiance in the gods-own-country cures the patients in a hygienic environment.

Ayurvedic Clinic for Weight Loss  in Kerala
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