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Ayurvedic Treatment For Arthritis In Kerala

In Ayurveda, improper food habits and idle lifestyle can lead to impairment of the digestive fire (Agni), thus causing the formation of toxins (Ama) and abolish air (Vata), resulting in the deposition of toxins (Ama) in the joints, causing Amavata. Ayurveda thus offers cure for arthritis through therapies that aim to stimulate the digestive fire and diminish the toxins (Ama).

As per Ayurveda arthritis are categorized into 3:

Vata: If Vata is in excess, joints will crack and pop.

Pitta: It is characterized by inflammation causing severe pain, even without movement.

Kapha: If Kapha is in excess joints become stiff and swollen, but the joint feels cold. With little movement, pain is relieved instead of aggravating pain

General Treatment for Arthritis

In order to treat the condition effectively, it is essential to identify which type you have. But as a general Ayurveda procedure, it is recommended to increase the digestive fire in order to burn up the toxins. Techniques are:
  • Use of selected foods and herbs
  • Detoxification diet
  • Use of enemas
  • Gemstone Therapy
  • Use of herbal, medicinal or essential oils
  • Heat Therapy
  • Use of herbs, spices and bitters
The body is prepared for the upcoming purifactory procedures after correcting the digestive fire and removing the toxins. Once ama is removed oleation therapies like Abhyanka and Kizhi along with Panchakarma treatment like Basti for 8 or 16 days or virechana is planned to cure the disease. 

Once the therapies are over the patient is given medicines like Kashayam or decoctions, tablets and certain powder to be taken for a specified period of time. Apart from these strict dietary regimen and lifestyle changes are advocated.

Above is the general process, but as per the condition, be it Vatta, Pitta or Kalpha, treatment is done accordingly. Vaidya Health Care provides the most compendious approach in Ayurveda treatment in Kerala to remove the imparity on the basis of arthritis.

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