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Ayurvedic Healing For Facial Palsy : Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare

Facial Palsy is the condition of the deterioration of the facial nerve affecting the aesthetic appearance of the face. Facial Palsy causes paralysis of the affected side of the face, bothering the movement of the eye, mouth etc.

Ayurvedic treatment for facial palsy in Ernakulam

Facial palsy can occur due to different reason, 


•    Viral infection like Bell’s palsy
•    Injury causing trauma
•    Stroke causing damage to the facial nerve
•    After effect of certain surgeries- eg: when operating on the parotid gland
•    Genetic syndromes

Ayurveda considers the primary and important reason for Facial palsy or Ardita vata to be the occlusion and vitiation of Vata in the blood vessels corresponding to the facial nerve. Ayurveda also has in itself many of the treatments and remedies for the facial palsy which includes internal medications and external therapies that can bring back the balance of doshas rejuvenating the health of the nerve.

Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare assures to bring in the best of the results possible for the patients worried and troubled due to facial palsy. We take enough care to schedule our treatment plans so as to satisfy each patient. The best treatment for facial palsy in Kerala is provided by Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare.

We, Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare treats facial palsy through a 14-day resident course therapy including Thalam, Shirodhara and nasyam. The treatment also includes podikizhi, sirovasti, Pichu, Ksheeradhoomam ensuring more cleansing action and vata clearing. We also focus on the restoration and rehabilitation therapies to be provided as a part of the treatment. Yoga and meditation sessions will as well be included to enhance recovery.

Ayurvedic treatment for facial palsy in Kerala

Inner medications to be taken are prepared by a combination of different medicinal herbs. They primarily include:
•    Ashwagandha
•    Brahmi
•    Cucurmin
•    Chanderprabha Vati
•    Nirgundi oil

We, Vaidya Ayurvedic Healthcare tries to bring back the confidence and the strength for you to be in public with the bright, wide smile you’ve ever wanted. Facial Palsy, one of the medical challenges has been solved by the expert panel of the Ayurvedic experts in order to help you to be the real you whom you’ve ever craved for!
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